Very grateful for Key Estates! I didn’t know how I was going to sell my home, I tried to list with an agent with no success due to the house needing work. I found Key Estates online, called, they went out of their way and beyond! I can start over fresh now! Thanks again

    - Karina V.

    Key Estates did an amazing job, it was quick, efficient, and very professional! I was very satisfied. I had to relocate out of state and they were able to close on the deal when I was ready.

    - Marcus E

    Working with Key Estates was a great experience! My husband and I never sold a house before. They walked us through the entire process, gave us options, and they were able to keep their promise and close within 10 days.

    - Jasmine & Edgar B.

    After a lengthy and rough 8-month divorce process, Key Estates promised to close within 2 weeks. They delivered on time and made it smooth and simple for my daughter and me to sell our home in Tampa! Would definitely recommend it if you’re trying to get a fair cash offer and sell fast.

    - Delicia W.

    They helped solve my problem!!! Big thanks to Key Estates!!

    - Albert S.

    It was very easy and the process went exactly how we talked about it over the phone.

    - Gloria T.

    I didn’t think I would ever sell my house due to the fire damage... I called Key Estates they checked out the house and gave me a cash offer and closed in 2 weeks!

    - Ricardo G.

    This was a very good avenue for us to take. The home was 72 years old, my parents had owned it for the last 53 years. The work it would have taken to bring it to market would have been substantial, and I live in TX (the subject house was in Tampa, Fl, 1200 miles away).

    - Gemma B

    Executed and Met all expectations. Job well done with a fair cash offer.

    - Marcus E

    It was quick and easy. They came out and evaluated the house quickly and gave us a quote the same day. Not only that, but they were such warm and friendly people who made us feel like family. We’ve already closed on the house! That was also a quick and easy process, and we were able to do it remotely with the title company. The Key Estates:key: team was amazing to work with!

    - Gary N.